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Swift Science Writing! 

We are a small, independent boutique writing company providing extensive writing, editing, proofreading, consultancy and social media management services in medical, scientific, academic and technical writing service fields.


We have over ten years of experience in writing and editing for healthcare, medicine, the life sciences, the natural sciences and more, at both pre-clinical and clinical levels.


Please do get in touch to find out more about our services.

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Send us your original ideas or data to write up!

With initial input and guidance from each commissioner, we can analyse data and write manuscripts or technical documents from scratch. This is usually done to target a specific journal, and will follow their in-house style guidelines. All data and information remains confidential and securely stored.

Commission us to help plan and design methodologically rigorous pre-clinical or clinical research studies or reviews!

We use validated checklists and our many years of primary research experience to help you plan & design methodologically robust pre-clinical or clinical studies that are transparent and reproducible. This typically includes items such as: study pre-registration; positive and negative controls; minimum sample sizes; & robust analysis methods.

Send us your original research articles, reviews, award or grant applications & CVs for editing!

We employ an extensive editing service focussed on each commissioner's specific needs. Please click here for more information on the different tiers of editing services we offer.

Let us perform your final check for success!

Our rigorous proofreading service is designed to identify and correct errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar in final document copies.

Let us manage your social media profile!

We provide a full communications strategy and management service across social media platforms. We have worked with both start-ups and established companies, and in the academic and industry setting. We write and publish compelling narratives aimed at a carefully targeted audience.

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